11th April 2012

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Now that Lent is over…

I can start exchanging nudes again

Come on, boys men, show me what you’ve got ;]

It’s not very polite to keep a horny girl waiting

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25th March 2012

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I’m horny and in-need of penis!

But I’m in church right now :/

Is there any guy out there who is willing to send me pictures of their hardened penis? ;] If you’re a real gentleman, you wouldn’t leave a girl with a wet pussy hangin’ 

Talk to me boys! I DO bite ;]

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20th December 2011

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Mmmm, I want a reenactment of last night.

It was my first time having sex with a girl last night. We were both drunk, but we weren’t drunk to the point where we couldn’t remember anything. The sex was amazing and no guy has ever eaten me out and sucked on my tits the way she did. I think it’s time we change that. Any of you sexy guys interested? ;] I’m horny as hell and it would be amazing if someone would come over and lick my pussy juice. I also have a fetish for guys who cum on my tits. But if you arouse me enough, I will deep throat your cock and swallow ;] UNF.

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20th December 2011

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I’m sooooo kinky

Somebody eat me out…I want my clitoris and vagina licked and sucked dry. ;)

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20th December 2011


Can one of you guys send me nudes? ;]

It’s all I want for Christmas. 

Ohh, and talking to me dirty would be nice ;]

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20th December 2011


he-just-keeps-falling-deactivat said: Well if you're so horny, and I'm horny what are we gonna do about it ;))

You can start by sending me nudes ;]

12th December 2011


Fuck Samantha :)

12th December 2011


Sorry I haven’t been able to reply to any of the messages in my ask :/

It doesnt work from my phone at the moment, and I am swamped with studying for finals. But, I’ll get back to you sexy ass guys as soon as possible ;]

PS I’m still horny ;] It’s raining pretty hard here in LA, and this kind of weather really, REALLY makes me want to do stuff that would keep me on Santa’s PERMANENT naughty list ;]

Ohh, and I made out with a girl for the first time last night. Idk if I should share the details though.

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8th December 2011

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Where are all the horny guys at? ;]

I suggest you all get over here and satisfy my sexual cravings ;] I want to feel your erection in my mouth as I deep-throat your cock until you cum. Then, I’ll manipulate your erogenous zone until you moan my name in a way that makes me crave your body even more. Baby boy, I wanna ride you until the next morning ;] UNF

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5th December 2011

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I’m fucking horny!!

I need penetration!!

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